An Easy Way To Increase Your Home Value

Want an easy way in to increase the equity in your home (or even a future home…pst, talking to you home buyers!)


Now, don’t go turning a hall closet into your kid’s sleeping quarters 😏…but if you have a spare room that’s a “catch-all” or one that used to be a home-office or homeschool room — the easiest way to increase your home’s value is to convert that into a bedroom!

In most cases, adding a 3rd or 4th bedroom increases the value by ‼️$20,000 - $50,000‼️ This of course depends on the location and the existing property value.

When adding a bedroom, it must have:

➕A window (legal size)
➕A door
➕4 walls
➕A closet

Don’t go rippin’ walls down or cutting rooms in half yet — A Farr Group realtor can and should advise you how much value you’d add for an extra bedroom before you consider doing that.

Sound intriguing? We’ve remodeled many homes ourselves and can guide and direct you in the smartest move to gain equity — reach out via DM, text, phone, email and we’d be happy to chat more!

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