Check Out Liberty Lake's Newest Restaurant Emrys Beer and Mead Works

Check Out Liberty Lake's Newest Restaurant Emrys Beer and Mead WorksLiberty Lake is one of Spokane County's fastest-growing areas. It has been a highly desired hot spot to move for almost a decade now. This small town on the border of eastern Washington was once a place for people seeking country land far from the city limits of Spokane. Today it is a thriving and charming "small" (it's growing fast) town that most people relocating to the area want to be in and many locals seek to move to as well. 

Several new businesses are moving to Liberty Lake since a few tech companies moved in and set up shop several years ago which played a big role in launching the attention to move to the once rural area. Lately, a large number of great restaurants have joined the list of new residents in Liberty Lake. The newest is Emry's Beer and Mead Works.

About Emry's Beer and Mead Works in Liberty Lake

Emry's is almost a decade-long idea in the making. The owner and founder Thomas Croskrey had the idea to create Mead one of the world's oldest libations. He had plans to do so while helping to open Bellwether Brewing with a co-owner Dave Musser. Croskrey had a vision of serving Mead in Bellwether's taproom. He wasn't aware at the time that producing/brewing Mead required a different license and that the license was difficult to obtain. 

He left Bellwether on good terms and set out in 2019 to find a way to open a brewery and meadery of his own in Liberty Lake's Riverstone District. He planned to open the doors in September  2020 but the world had other plans. The pandemic took a toll on social gathering spaces. 

But Croskrey was too stubborn to give up as he put it in his own words in an interview with a local lifestyle publication. He described it with this quote:

"What I lacked in fortune-telling, I made up for in stubbornness," Croskrey says.

He moved forward planning a great opening to the public while the pandemic rolled on. He used the expert help of Travis Dickinson who owns the amazing Cochinito Taqueria.  Cochinito is a MUST-visit restaurant in downtown Spokane and now Couer d'Alene, known for its amazing tacos with all homemade-on-the-premises ingredients including the tortillas and chips and all from local ingredients. 

Travis helped Croskrey formulate a delicious menu with a focus on smash burgers after trying a different concept that would bring a historic theme to highlight serving Mead. Inflation and food prices brought them back to smash burgers. These are no ordinary smash burgers though, they are elevated. served with a choice of patty numbers and toppings like bacon, onion, and pickle marmalade, and sauerkraut. There is a veggie version and a frankfurter on the menu as well. Pair it with a side of tasty pickle chips. 

You can also get a bakestone, an item menu giving a small nod to the history of Mead. A bakestone is a traditional Welsh sweetbread from the 1800s. You won't regret giving them a try. 

What is Mead?

Mead is said to be the oldest historically recorded drink containing alcohol, It is made from honey rather than produce/plants like other libations. Mead is made from fermented honey. Croskrey grew up in Montana and spent many years farming. He got to know the ranching and farming industry well and it was exciting for him. He has learned about bees and pollination and how to make mead from the best local honey when possible. The demand for the amount of honey at the meadery does require extra resources from California and Hawaii. 

What reviews are saying About Emry's 

The soft opening has just taken place as of the end of May 2024 so there are not many reviews. Here is the first one posted on Yelp:

"We got a chance to stop in and try this brand new spot in Liberty Lake. It's a cool place with craft beer, mead and a small menu.

The beer menu was interesting with a few SMASH beers with local ingredients. Along with those, were a few mixed styles. The three I tried were all well brewed with no off flavors. My favorite was the Steffi and Sterling.

The space itself is inviting with both indoor and outdoor seating. I appeared there may be some rooftop seating also. There were several dogs chilling out on the patio."

If you are interested in trying some of the new restaurants in Liberty Lake Emry's is a great place to start. If you would like to learn more about living in Liberty Lake check out our community page on Liberty Lake that includes active Liberty Lake home listings. If you have questions about a home or would like to check out Liberty Lake homes for sale I am here to help. Contact me any time with any greater Spokane real estate needs. 

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