Compromises Worth Considering in a Home Purchase

Compromises Worth Considering in a Home PurchaseIf you are searching for a Spokane home, you no doubt have a list of home attributes you would like to see in that home. Though home inventory in Spokane is increasing, the numbers are still low. Coupled with mortgage rates continuing to stay much higher than expected, finding that home with everything you want at a price you can truly comfortably afford may not be possible. Sometimes our dreams about our next home can simply get away from our realities no matter the market. 

It is impossible to check all those boxes off our buying wishlist unless we hit it big in the lottery or are in the top numbers of the world's wealthiest people. So as a buyer what do you decide should stay on your Spokane home search list and what can be left off? What should you be willing to comprise in a home purchase?


This one might shock you and maybe even make you a little angry when reading it, but hear me out. When it comes to what you truly NEED in a home, you can adjust where your home is by a few blocks, or a few miles, or maybe by a 10 to 20-minute drive, but can you compromise on how many bedrooms you need? 

Many people looking for walkable homes in downtown Spokane for example end up with buyer's remorse because the square footage of a property downtown doesn't offer enough space for their growing or already large family. 

Yard Size

The idea of having not just a sizable yard but a huge yard has grown in popularity. The idea of homesteading or starting a mini farm is increasingly interesting to homebuyers looking for ways to destress in their own space but get outside, or to find ways to save on every growing grocery bills by growing their own food seems so amazing. 

Unless you plan to adjust your way of living with an overly busy daily schedule you may realize that taking care of a home and a large amount of property just isn't in the cards, for right now anyway. 

Finding a yard that is bigger than the average but not expansive may be a great middle ground. Having plenty of space for dogs to roam or to enjoy a pool on hot summer days, is a great way to enjoy a next home. 

Specific Architecture

You may have always dreamed of living in a trendy modern home with clean lines. But while you are out shopping don't rule out homes because they don't look like your dream architectural style. You might be surprised to find that you fall in love with a home that has all of the features you need but is a different look from what you envisioned. Maybe you will find a mid-century modern offers something similar. Or maybe, you will find the clean lines of a modern farmhouse tucked into the best-looking neighborhood in the area to be the perfect mix of clean lines and warmth that you are ready to call home. 


When thinking about what you want in a home there are those things that are needs and the things that are wants. There is nothing wrong with wanting those cushy extras, but sometimes there are features that we can hold off on just a little bit longer or plan to add to a home we purchase later. Items like a steam shower in the primary bath. 

Ultimately when shopping for a home, no home is going to have every single thing you have ever hoped or dreamed of. This only happens when you custom build, and sometimes homeowners realize they want something different after their build. The fact is no home is going to be perfect. So finding one that has what you need and maybe a little of the dream items you want is going to be a home you will not regret buying within your budget.

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