Facts You May Not Know About Spokane

Facts You May Not Know About SpokaneSpokane is a beautiful city in northeast Washington State. Just a few years ago it was one of the most rapidly growing cities in the entire country. There are some interesting facts about Spokane that many people don't know. Some may even surprise people who have been living here for decades and maybe even some who have lived here all their lives.

Facts You May Not Know About Spokane

It is the Second Largest City in Washington

If you are familiar with Washington state at all you know that Seattle is located here. It is on the popular west coast right on the shore of Puget Sound. (though some mistake it for the Pacific Ocean, which is not far from Seattle) Seattle has grown in recognition on the map in the United States and around the world in just the last 30 years. It was not long ago that Seattle was considered a tiny spot and went ignored by most of the country. Today Seattle is one of the country's most popular locations. 

Seattle is obviously Washington's largest city. Because of this, a large portion of the state's population is also located in the coastal cities on the west side of the state around Seattle. This would lead many people to think that all of the largest cities in the state are on the west side of the state. 

Spokane is Washington State's second-largest city by population. This surprises many people when they hear it who live on the west side of the state. Though Tacoma, a city just a few miles south of Seattle is not far behind Spokane, it is in fact a very large city in the state. About 231,132 people are living in Spokane. 

Father's Day Started in Spokane

Sonora Smart Dodd a resident of Spokane began the holiday tradition in 1910 after a proposal she made the year before. The first celebration of Father's Day was at the Spokane YMCA. The holiday gained national recognition in 1913 and a bill was proposed to make Father's Day a national holiday by Congress. The holiday took some time to become official and was not proclaimed a national holiday until Lynden B Johnson did so in 1966. The day was declared a permanently celebrated national holiday by President Nixon in 1972. It is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. 

Home of the Largest Urban Waterfall in America

Spokane Falls is located in the heart of Spokane at Riverfront Park. The Upper Spokane Falls is the second-largest urban waterfall in the US, but when you combine the upper and lower falls as one this is the largest falls of its type in the the country at 146 feet. 

The park surrounding the falls is a center of several Spokane local events and festivals. It was host to the 1974 World's Fair: Expo "74.  At the time Spokane was the smallest city to host the event. 

Home of the World's Largest 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament

This is well-known by Spokane residents. It is not so well known by people who don't live here. Spokane's Hoopfest welcomes over 24,000 players and even more people spectating from around the world. Downtown is filled with more the 200,000 people for Hoopfest Weekend. It is fun for players, spectators, and people just looking for something to do. There is not just basketball. Everything in Riverfront Square stays open. Everything in the park is open. Thousands of vendors are set up in the park and all along the sidewalks around the courts. Proceeds support local youth sports programs and charities. 

And Home of the Largest Footrace in the World

A Spokane resident by the name of Don Kardong started the tradition with an annual fun run in 1976. Kardong competed in several large races around the country including the 1976 Olympic Marathon. The idea took off with much support and several sponsors, The following year the first official Lilac Bloomsday Run took place. Today the race sees more than 60,000 competitors. 

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