Fun Food Challenges at Spokane Area Restaurants

Fun Food Challenges at Spokane Area RestaurantsHave you ever watched a sitcom where the characters had a funny moment where they took on an eating challenge at a restaurant to get all of their food for free? Usually, it is because the character forgot their wallet and doesn't want the restaurant to know or doesn't have enough money to cover the entire bill. 

Have you ever wondered if restaurants actually do that? Offer some crazy amount of food for free if you can eat it all in a certain timeframe. There are some restaurants around Spokane that offer eating challenges. 

Eating Challenges Around Spokane

Epic Sports Bar

The Epic Sports Bar at Northern Quest Casino located in Airway Heights at 100 N Hayford Road has a few different eating challenges to choose from.

Epic Breakfast Trash Can Challenge

This meal is $45 or free if you can complete the challenge. The breakfast includes 5 pounds of food. There are four pancakes, 1.5 pounds of loaded hashbrowns, eight french toast sticks, six bacon strips, and six sausage links. To win the challenge you must finish breakfast in 25 minutes or less. If you win you get free breakfast, a shirt, and your picture posted on the Wall of Fame.

Epicasaurus 5 Pound Burger and Fries

Also at Epic Sports Bar is the 5-pound burger and fry challenge. For this eating challenge a diner needs to finish a 4-pound triple patty burger with bacon, Swiss, fontina, pepper jack, cheddar, lettuce, onion, pickle, tomato, and epic burger sauce on a sesame bun. The burger comes with a 1-pound side of epic fries. The challenger must completely finish their mail within 25 minutes to get there lol for free and when the same prizes as the breakfast challenge.


Borracho is located at 211 N Division St in Spokane. They offer a taco challenge. If you win you get the food for free, if you don't, you pay per taco. This challenge requires the diner to eat 25 tacos in 30 minutes. The tacos can be any meat filling you like. If you are able to eat 30 tacos you get a free shirt and your name on the challenge plaque. 

The Junkyard Drinks and Eats

The Junkyard located at 6412 E. Trent Ave. in Spokane offers a Junkyard Burger Challenge. For this challenge, you must eat a Junkyard Burger that has two beef patties and toppings such as bacon, macaroni and cheese, a fried egg, onion rings, and a pineapple ring. It is rightly named the Junkyard Burger. In addition to the burger, you must complete 2 pounds of fries. If you were able to eat all of this food in 40 minutes or less you win and get a free meal and your picture on the wall. If you do not complete the challenge your picture goes on the wall of shame. If you can't finish your food you'll also need to pay $40 for your meal.

The Bearded Ginger

The Bearded Ginger is located in Spokane Valley at 8125 E. Sprague Ave. They offer what they call the Thors Hammer Eating Challenge. For this challenge, the diner needs to finish a macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, barbecue beans, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, your choice of fries tater tots, or Joe Joe's, and the main dish a large beef shank. You get one hour to finish your meal. If you finish your meal you get your picture on the wall of fame. If you don't finish your meal you pay $85 for your feast. It is good to note that the Bearded Ginger requires at least 48 hours' notice to do the challenge.

291 Brewhouse

The 291 Brewhouse is in Nine Mile Falls at 5978 Highway 291. If you love ice cream this is a fun challenge. It doesn't offer a free meal but you do get a fun shirt. For $15 you receive four giant softball-sized scoops of ice cream plus several toppings. If you can finish the entire dish of ice cream in 10 minutes or less you win.

There are a lot of fun hidden gem activities to do in the Spokane area. If you would like to learn more about what there is to do around Spokane as you relocate to the Spokane area please check out our blog. For more information about available real estate in the Spokane area please contact me anytime. I am here to help you find an amazing Spokane area home in the neighborhood you'll love. Contact me with any greater Spokane area real estate needs.

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