Gardening Tips for Spokane Riverfront Homes

Gardening Tips for Spokane Riverfront HomesSpokane is a beautiful city with plenty of amazing outdoor spaces. While it is not on the coastline, it does have some waterfront homes on lakes and the Spokane River. Some homes are up high on bluffs overlooking the river, but there are a handful of homes that are lower on the banks allowing direct access to the water and the chance to have a dock in the backyard. There are some beautiful riverfront properties in the Millwood area and Spokane Valley area of Spokane County. 

Riverfront homes are a great way to enjoy the water and offer a peaceful setting right outside your back door. Some homeowners wonder what it takes to keep their landscape beautiful when they live on the banks of the river.  Here are some great landscaping tips for riverfront homes.

Choosing Plants for Riverbanks

The best plants for any landscape are going to be native plants. Planting native plants along the river bank at your property will help to prevent erosion in your land, filter out pollutants from your yard, and keep less of them from entering the river. 

Choose as many plants as possible that grow natively for the easiest upkeep. When choosing native plants you want to make sure you are picking ones that love the water. These plants will establish and make a home quickly and require less attention. 

Small Plants Great For Riverbanks

Some small plants that love hanging out next to rivers include:

  • Wild Columbine
  • Moneky flower
  • Blazing star
  • Woodland phlox
  • Lobelia
  • Cardinal flower
  • Wild geranium
  • Joe Pye weed
  • Crested iris

Blooming shrubs and bushes

  • Ninebark
  • Viburnum
  • American filbert
  • Witch hazel
  • Rhododendron
  • Mountain laurel
  • Alpine currant
  • Virginia sweetspire

Groundcovers can help greatly with preventing erosion and filling in empty space around other plants. Some that love the river include:

  • Hog peanut
  • Skunk cabbage
  • Clearweed
  • White avens
  • Virginia bluebells
  • Marsh marigold
  • Calico aster
  • Swamp buttercup

Large Plants that are Great on Riverbanks

Planting some taller accent plants will give interest and dimension to your landscape. There are many great plants that are evergreen and provide interesting foliage all year. They also grow slowly having a lesser impact on the environment as they grow with time

  • American arborvitae
  • white spruce
  • Canadian hemlock
  • eastern white pine


If you are looking to incorporate some trees into your river landscape there are some that will do well. The best to consider include creeping juniper, vews, and Japanese garden juniper. ash trees are also a great option in white or green varieties. 

Talking with a Local Gardener

The best way to ensure you are choosing the right plants for your specific property is to take pictures of the area of your yard where you want to plant and visit a gardening expert at a local nursery. The Spokane area has some great local nurseries with extensive knowledge of native plants and even the pests and weather issues that could be irritating them. Talking over your landscaping goals for your riverfront home with a local expert is the best way to decide what plants you will end up planting in your yard and along the river bank. 

If you are looking for a riverfront property in the Spokane area along the Spokane River I am here to help. I am happy to help you find your ideal Spokane area home whether it is on the water or in the middle of downtown Spokane. I have lived in Spokane for several years and love it here and enjoy showing my clients what is so special about each neighborhood in Spokane County and beyond. Contact me anytime with any greater Spokane area real estate needs both buying and selling homes.

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