Homebuying 101

Buying in your future?

We’ve got a LIVE Instagram FYI allllllll about buying a home.

It’s gonna be super chill—here’s how it’s gonna work:

1. Krista hits the LIVE button
2. You join in.

Easy. As. That.
No need to leave your house, work, car, backyard, or wherever you are!
Come as you are - listen in, ask for questions and just absorb the info.


WHO: anyone who wants to buy a house whether it’s soon or 5 years from now.

WHAT: all the things to prepare and educate you for buying a home.

WHEN: Wednesday Aug 31 - 12pm & 7pm

WHERE: on YOUR Instagram

WHY: because we want to help prepare you for the biggest purchase of your life.

We’re VERY excited to bring this to you; the feedback we’ve received is that this would be the most convenient way to provide you with this important and valuable information.

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