Is Costco Building a Store in Liberty Lake?

Liberty Lake has been a desirable location garnering the attention of both residents in the Spokane County area and people relocating to the area. People are looking to settle into a growing city that still offers a great small-town atmosphere full of community.

Because so many people desire to live in the popular city many businesses are also moving in, both local and larger chain businesses. The latest buzz around Liberty Lake is the possibility of a Costco Warehouse coming to the area. 

Traffic Studies Have Been OrderedIs Costco Building a Store in Liberty Lake?

The event that started the chatter was a traffic study requested by a developer to look at the possibility of putting in a big box store with an adjoining gas station. The preliminary plans for the land look very much like those of a typical Costco Warehouse layout. 

The paperwork for the traffic study was filed on May 17 with the Liberty Lake city planners. The permit described a large retail building on the land north of East Country Vista Drive and west of North Kramer Parkway. Everything for this new retail space is still in very early stages. It is still in the planning phase and no definite building decisions have been made as of yet. 

Local Talk About the Possibility of Costco Moving to Liberty Lake

According to a local news outlet employees of the Costco Company who work at a nearby store in North Idaho have communicated that the company has been trying to plan a store for the Post Falls area of Idaho with no luck on making those plans become a reality. 

So far news outlets have reached out to Costco company representatives and to the Centennial Properties Company which owns the land where the box store would go. Both companies have declined a request to discuss plans for the property in Liberty Lake. 

So far only a preliminary traffic study is in the works No permits have been filed. But there has been a lot of talk since papers have come out with the news they have discovered. There are mixed opinions about whether Liberty Lake needs a Costco.

Why Some Think Costco Should Move to Liberty Lake

The current Costco stores near Liberty Lake are both very busy. The people who live in Liberty Lake make a joke about making the long journey to Costco. Though it really isn't that far to get to either of the two closest Costcos to the city it seems just far enough away to require special planning. Both the Spokane Valley Costco and Couer d'Alene Costco are about 20 minutes away. Both of these locations draw not just the residents of the city they are in, but plenty of residents from other cities in addition to Liberty Lake residents. 

The Spokane Valley location, for example, draws people from all over the valley, Liberty Lake, East Central Spokane, Downtown Spokane, South Spokane, and even people living as far away as Cheney. It used to bring in people from North Spokane, Deer Park, Mead, and more until a Costco was built in North Spokane just a few years ago. Even with the building of the North Spokane store the Spokane Valley Costco is always very busy. Sometimes around holidays, it is so busy there is not enough parking. 

Traveling F. from Spokane WA has this to say about the location on the Spokane Valley Costco Yelp page: 

"I know Costco gets a bit crazy however I've always had a good experience with the staff." 

The Couer d'Alene Costco Store is also very busy. It just purchased a neighboring store to be able to use the parking spaces and still at times does not have enough parking to meet the needs of customers. This is why people have been hearing chatter of Costco looking for a new place to build a warehouse. Some believe that a Costco in Liberty Lake will eliminate the need to plan for a trek out to the nearest locations which are already quite busy. 

Why Some People Are Not A Fan of The Costco Idea

Though Costco is a popular retail store offering goods at lower prices and the ability to buy a whole case of potato chips for your teenage son so you don't run out in the next two days, some residents are still skeptical of Costco coming to Liberty Lake. 

One major hesitation is perhaps the location. The land in question for this mystery box store everyone believes is Costco is right down the street from the new Ridgeline High School. Will building a Costco here be a safe choice in an area where young drivers are trying to get to school five days a week and to sports and other extracurricular activities? Will the increase in traffic keep the area safe for young drivers?  Will it create more headache-inducing traffic at times when the school has an event? 

If you live in the area, what are your thoughts about the potential for Costco in Liberty Lake?  Share them with us, we would love to hear!

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