Reasons Not to Rule Out a Spokane Home with Less Square Footage

Reasons Not to Rule Out a Spokane Home with Less Square FootageWhen shopping for a home many Spokane buyers have an ideal square footage in their mind that they would like for their next home. It is not uncommon to hear a buyer say they would like a certain amount of bedrooms and a certain type of kitchen, and they want their home to be a specific size for them to feel comfortable and feel like they are making a solid investment with their hard-earned money.

Some buyers fixate on the total amount of square footage and sometimes it is so important to them that they don't want to consider anything any smaller. But when shopping for homes it is always best to keep an open mind and look for homes that are around your ideal size and not only at homes that are exactly that ideal size. Here's why:

Keeping an open mind on square footage

Letting go of that hard-line number of square footage you want in your home is not an easy task. While some items in a home may be negotiable (because it can be near impossible to find a home that has every attribute on your dream house list) this one feels like it is set in stone. However, considering how a home is laid out and how the space is ultimately usable can surprise you in altering what you think of a home and may open up more choices to you. Especially in a real estate market where inventory has been limited for years.

Once you see if the usefulness of a space can be much greater than the overall actual measurable size of a space you may find that there are many more homes out there to consider in your home search making buying a Spokane home less stressful.

Layout matters more than an actual measurable size

This doesn't work for every home comparison, like when comparing a 2000 square-foot home to a 5000 square-foot home, it can work when you are comparing hundreds of square feet. Sometimes a 15,000-square-foot home can feel larger than a 2200-square-foot home because of the way the floorplan is laid out. A home that has an open layout is much more usable and the owner is able to get more creative with how they use the space as compared to a home that has every room closed off by walls and has more square footage.

A proportional layout makes a difference

Not only does how a home is laid out make it feel bigger or smaller so can the proportions of the spaces in your home. A home with tiny bedrooms but an extremely oversized extra living room may seem fun when you think about having parties but it's not all that practical for daily living. Nobody wants their primary bedroom to barely fit their queen-sized bed with just enough room to walk around it while they have plenty of space to play ping-pong in the basement. Considering where the square footage is in your home and how practical it is, is also something to keep on your mind while you are walking through potential homes to purchase in Spokane. You might see a smaller home in square footage that has a much larger master bedroom suite to be much more dreamlike to you as you look at homes.

Consider how you will actually use the home

It may be fun to think about having that really large 5,000-square-foot space. But also considering the realities of your ability to maintain that space is a very smart plan when purchasing your home. If it really is more home then you can clean, for example, on a daily basis, and having a neat and tidy home is something you need to be able to function smoothly every day more space might not be the dream it seems to be. Making sure that you are staying realistic about your daily lifestyle needs and routines and not purchasing a home that is too much and will end up stressing you out is also something to think about. Sometimes a smaller home is way more relaxing and dreamlike than we realize.

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