Relocating to Spokane with Young Athletes

Relocating to Spokane with Young AthletesEven though we believe relocating to Spokane means you are relocating to one of the best places on the planet, relocation is still hard on everyone. Moving to a completely new point on the map means uprooting what is comfortable to you and finding a new way of doing things in a strange place.

If you are moving with your kids it can be the hardest on children they are used to a comfortable way of life that is their security and moving can feel unsure and a bit scary. If your kids are involved with sports where they currently live it can be increasingly hard to move and leave their sports program and team behind.

If you find yourself relocating to Spokane with a young athlete you may be asking questions like how you can help them transition to a new team. You may be wondering if you are moving in the middle of a sports season what things you can do to help them to acclimate. Here are some tips on relocating to Spokane when you're moving with young athletes.

Helping Your Child Adapt to a New Sports Team

The first thing you want to do is reassure your child that everything will work out in their transition to a new team in the Spokane area. It may not look exactly like they expect it to and there could be several twists thrown in but assure them that you will be with them every step of the way and that you are here to help them adjust to a new team.

Help to instill confidence in them that they do not need to worry about their skills and proving themselves to new teammates. Reassure them that they are a great player and they can bring that level of play to their new team and be confident in their abilities to contribute to their team.

Finding Sports Programs in Spokane

If you have not yet found a sports program to transition your young athlete to, you may be wondering what the best programs are and where you can find them. The great thing about Spokane is there are several opportunities to play sports in Spokane County. Some young athletes choose to play sports in neighboring Idaho. 


There are several youth soccer clubs in Spokane. They have had many shifts in the last few years and finding the most up-to-date information might be difficult. The two largest youth soccer programs in Spokane County are club soccer programs, which include Spokane Sounders, and Washington East Surf. There are many other programs in the area including rec level programs. If you have a serious soccer player starting with these two clubs is a great first step. 


Spokane likes to nickname itself "Hoop Town USA" There is even an organization with the name offering youth league basketball programs. There are many opportunities to play basketball in Spokane County. For younger children, many parents in the area choose to start with community rec programs. The most utilized of these programs are through the YMCA and the Skyhawks programs


Football is a popular youth sport in the Spokane area. There are a few popular programs for football. Check out Spokane Youth Football and Inland Northwest Youth Football. Spokane also has a Pop Warner football program and football through the PNW Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 


There are many dance studios all through the Spokane County area. One of the most notable is the Spokane Elite Dance Studio. Finding a dance program for your young dancer is not hard with the large number of dance studios throughout the county. You will even find some not-so-common styles of dance taught in Spokane. 


It is not the largest or most talked about of youth sports in the community, but Spokane does have a great youth hockey program. Spokane has a WHL hockey team, the Spokane Chiefs and the organization runs a youth program, the Spokane Jr. Chiefs

It can be difficult to find the best team for your athlete. The best way to get insight on club sports or rec sports in an area is to look at discussion forums and find answers from parents who have kids who play. It is also a good idea to call up sports clubs and interview the coaches who would be coaching your child's potential team. Don't worry if the first team your child joins is not a perfect fit. Give yourself and your child grace and make sure you both have a mindset of patiently trying new things until you find what works. 

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