Spokane is an Outdoor Recreation Mecca

Spokane is an Outdoor Recreation MeccaWhen you ask someone to describe the Spokane area to you they will likely talk about the great outdoor recreational activities. Spokane is known for its gorgeous outdoor spaces and many people who grew up here will proudly discuss how amazing the oudoor recreational spaces are. 

Spokane is home to the Spokane River and the Little Spokane River. In addition, the area is full of lakes and smaller rivers as well as a great mountain area and acres and acres of woodlands. We could spend the entire blog writing about exploring the outdoor spaces of Spokane, but we will limit it to some of the most popular. 

Spokane's Most Popular Outdoor Spaces

Mt. Spokane

Mount Spokane is one of the largest recreational areas in the area. In the winter it is a favorite spot for classic snow activities including skiing, snowboarding, and sledding/tubing. In the summer is it an amazing place for hiking. If you enjoy camping it is a great place to check out. For the best views take the road up to the summit and enjoy a picnic at the Vista House. From the summit, you can sell all the way to Spirit Lake. 

If you are hiking make sure you begin with plenty of water, check the weather because the summer months can get pretty warm at the peak of the day, wear good shoes, and bring plenty of bug spray. Bear sightings have been reported in the area, though they are rare, it is smart to be prepared. 

A favorite activity of Spokane locals is to hike the mountain in late summer and fall and pick free huckleberries. It is worth noting that a Discover Pass is required because the area is part of the state parks system. In the winter you will need a Snow Park Pass unless you are utilizing the Mt. Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park. 

Lake Coeur d'Alene

Lake Coeur d'Alene is not in Spokane but it is about a 30-minute trip from the city. This is the most popular spot to enjoy swimming and boating in the area. The lake is large and spans 26 miles offering 135 miles of shoreline. The most popular spot to access the lake is in downtown Coeur d'Alene but locals know several less frequented areas to enjoy the lake. 

Tubbs Hill is a very popular spot at the lake featuring a 165-acre natural peninsula with hiking trails. Some locals have found spots to go cliff jumping but we would caution you not to do this on your own. 

Mystic Falls at Indian Canyon 

This small but beautiful waterfall is located just three miles outside of downtown. The falls are located in the Indian Canyon outdoor area. This fun outdoor spot is great for the entire family with an easily hikable trail. It is a popular and well-known trail so expect to see other hikers on your adventure. In the winter when things freeze over this becomes one of Spokane's most popular ice climbing spots. If you want a challenge there are trails beyond the main wide family friendly trail. 

The Rocks of Sharon and Dishman Hills

This is sort of a hidden gem in the hiking world. It is not known by hikers outside the area, but people who have lived in Spokane for a significant amount of time know it is there. There are three different access points to get to the Rocks of Sharon. This is the highlight of the trail area. One is at the Dishman Hills trail area off of Appleway Boulevard in Spokane Valley. The second is at the back of one of Spokane Valley's hidden gem neighborhoods, the Ponderosa neighborhood. The third is the quickest route to the Rocks of Sharon and that is via Stevens Creek trailhead in Freeman. 

Rocks of Sharon provides the most amazing views of the Palouse. The most notable and recognized spot on the trails is Big Rock. It is a very popular spot among the avid rock climbers in the area with the best views. It is good to note that Big Rock should only be traversed by expert climbers. 

If you are an outdoor enthusiast Spokane is a great place to live. For more information on living in Spokane, including available Spokane real estate contact me any time. 

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