Spokane Spring Rush in the Housing Market?

Let’s talk market madness. You think we’re headed to the Final Four this month? No, we’ve been in the Final Four for the last two years in Spokane.

A lot of you are waiting for that “spring rush” for homes to come on the market, when you will have a lot of homes to choose from. That’s not the case. People are continuing to come to Spokane. Over the next three to five years, our city is expecting to welcome over 300,000 new people. With the growth of Amazon in Spokane Valley, the growth at Fairchild and many out of state residents moving into Spokane, we do not have the housing that they need, which puts us in that market madness.

Sellers, the ball is still in your court. You will still hold the cards in this market. And if this hasn’t been an indicator to you, now is the time to get your home on the market, sold, and cash in on all of that equity. Our team is assembled and ready to help you. We’re doing that full court press, and we cannot wait to get you into that new home or sell your home in this market madness.

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