Spokane will Debut Two New Professional Sports Teams in Spring/Fall 2024

Spokane will Debut Two New Professional Sports Teams in Spring/Fall 2024Spokane Washington is a constantly growing and ever-evolving city in eastern Washington. It is the second-largest city by population in the state of Washington and has drawn a lot of interest and attention over the last 6 to 8 years. Many people have moved to Spokane for the promise of a lower cost of living as compared to other nearby locations and the growth of job opportunities recently experienced in Spokane County.

One of the new areas of growth in Spokane is in professional sports. Some may not realize this but Spokane has a very rich soccer community. Several great soccer minds are hiding out in the greater Spokane area. This has caused growth in the youth soccer offerings in the area as well as collegiate programs and now Spokane will become home to its first professional soccer teams.

The Spokane Velocity Men's Soccer Team

The Spokane Velocity men's professional soccer team is gearing up to play their first-ever home game at One Spokane Stadium downtown on Saturday, March 16. The team will be playing the Richmond Kickers which has been described as a storied professional club in American soccer. The team has a 15-home-game schedule for the regular season in the spring.

The Spokane Velocity men's team is part of the USL. The Velocity will be playing in the third tier of the US soccer pyramid which is below major-league soccer and USL Championship League. This technically makes them a minor league team but they are a fully independent and wholly professional organization this is not a farm system like you see in major league baseball teams. The Velocity has the opportunity to compete against big teams above them on the pyramid in the annual US Open Cup competition.

The 35-year-old coach Leigh Veidman is excited about the possibilities of this team as he is building it from the ground up. He hopes to get the team in a good position to play in the U.S. Open Cup next year. So far the roster includes multiple MLS veterans including defender Romain Metanire and midfielder Luis Gil. Gil was once a US Men's National Team player.

The Spokane Zephyr FC Women's Professional Team

The second of the two professional teams coming to Spokane is the women's professional soccer team the Spokane Zephyr FC. Many people were in attendance this fall when the owning program of the two new soccer teams announced the name of the new women's soccer team to the public on Sunday, November 4 at the Davenport Hotel grand ballroom. This team will actually play in the fall of 2024 at the same venue the One Spokane Stadium in downtown Spokane.

The Spokane Zephyr FC women's team will also play in the USL league but they will be in the USL Super League. The team hopes to garner Division I credentials from the United States Soccer Federation which is the governing body of soccer in the United States. The Zephyr is expected to be a major league team in a country that has produced some great results from the Women's National Team.

The club's President Katie Harnetiaux has shared with local newspapers that she is excited to bring this team to Spokane because she recognizes that there are great young athletes in the Spokane area. Many of these athletes end up going to play on the west side of Washington to glean from the most competitive top-tier programs. She has hopes to help keep some of these young amazing talented athletes at home in the Spokane area by bringing these professional teams into Spokane. Katie is in charge of an organization called USL Spokane that is hoping to keep more professional athletes in their hometown.

The women's team is gearing up to take on some of the biggest teams in the United States including much larger sports markets like Charlotte, Dallas, Phoenix, and Washington DC. It will be one of 13 clubs in the league.

Katie and her husband are both within the club's ownership group and are happy to give back to the community that they were both raised in. Katie's husband Ryan grew up playing soccer his whole life and then went on to coach a group of kids that he traveled with all around Washington State. Katie and Ryan are both very excited to bring these teams to the Spokane area to foster even more entertainment opportunities and to provide opportunities for young athletes in Spokane County.

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