Unique Fitness Experiences in Spokane

Unique Fitness Experiences in SpokaneIf you are a fan of staying physically fit and active but not necessarily a fan of a regimented workout routine then you'll be glad to know that the Spokane area offers some great unique fitness opportunities that will help you to build muscle and stay in shape but also feel like you are playing rather than being forced to exercise. Check out these fun and unique fitness options in the Spokane area.

Aerial Fitness

Coil Studio inside the old Washington Cracker Company building offers aerial fitness that will have you feeling like you are ready to awe and inspire a crowd at a circus. It is an offshoot of the circus acrobats that so many have come to love as they watch some of the most amazing shows such as Cirque du Soleil. Before you know it you'll also be soaring through the air with grace and strength after maybe overcoming a few intimidating barriers if you're a newcomer.

You don't have to already have amazing gymnastics skills or an incredibly strong body to try out the aerial workouts offered at Coil Studio. Many people attend the classes at Coil. If you check out aerial workouts you may even find that all types of people with all different body types enjoy aerial workouts. It is an approachable fun workout that doesn't feel like an actual workout. A great class to start with is the Aerial for Every Body class.

When you walk into the classroom you will find silk ribbons descending from the ceiling down to the floor. No need to worry everything is rigged into the foundation of the building so that is safe for literally every person. You will be taught how to wrap yourself up in the silk fabrics and soon find yourself up in the air flipping and dangling almost like Spider-Man. You'll find that the owners of the gym are truly warm and welcoming to every person at any skill level and they have a focus on making everyone feel welcome. They want to create a space where everyone can try anything at least once. 

Once you have mastered the silks you can try out other fun suspended workouts including the steel hoop, the slings, the trapeze, aerial yoga, and belly dancing. There are even child/parent classes available and couple classes available.

Rock Climbing

This might not be considered so out of the box or unique but it is one of those workouts that is different from the mundane weightlifting that we can get so easily bored with. There are many awesome rock-climbing experiences to be had in Spokane. One of the most popular is found at Wild Walls in downtown Spokane which has been open since 1995 and built quite the climbing community in the inland Northwest. Not only can you get in a fun workout, but you can meet other people with similar interests and maybe even take this hobby out to some of the amazing spots around the inland Northwest outdoors

Wild Walls offers programs for beginners as well as activities for the most seasoned of climbers. The instructors at Wild Walls pride themselves on offering not just a venue to keep Spokane healthy but also to build community.


Parkour is the practice of making any place anywhere a fun adventure of leaping and traversing various opticals instead of your typical method of walking. It is an athletic discipline where the person tries to navigate between two points of architecture as quickly and creatively as possible. The person uses jumping, vaulting, flipping, climbing, swinging, etc. to make their way through their environment. It is a fun and seemingly crazy acrobatic practice that gained popularity in the mid-90s through pop culture in movies like Casino Royale and goofy episodes of the hit show The Office.

You often find a majority of parkour classes offered to small children who need a way to stay physically active and not feel pent-up. Fluent Motions offers classes for people of all ages and skill levels. Before you know it, you just might be scaling tall jumps and flipping over apparatuses you didn't know you could. This really is a fun workout that feels more like child's play than exercise but before you know it you just might see some gains. Fluent Motions is located at 104 W. 3rd Ave.

There are countless different fitness options to enjoy when you relocate to Spokane these are just some of those out-of-the-box options for people who want to be fit and get to know people in the area but don't necessarily want the traditional workout routine that can feel stale and boring.

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