What is the Weather Like in Spokane?

What is the Weather Like in Spokane?If you are relocating to Spokane you are probably looking to glean as much information about the city of Spokane as possible. You want to know as much as you can to help make your transition to a brand-new area as smooth as possible. One of the most commonly asked questions when moving to a new area is "What is the weather like?" This is a great question to ask when you are moving to Spokane as the weather takes on a very different temperature depending on the time of year. The climate in Spokane is very diverse and it is good to be prepared for it when relocating.

Even if you are just making the move across the state from Western Washington don't expect to have the same weather conditions as you did in your old hometown. The climate difference between the west and east sides of Washington state is a big one.

A general weather overview of Spokane Washington


Winter is very different in Spokane especially if you are used to living along the west coast or in the south. In the winter the temperature can drop dramatically. Snow is not uncommon in Spokane although about every five years you might get a mild winter but expect it to be followed not shortly after in the next year or the year following with a very large snowstorm.

Just in the last five years winter has been very different each season in Spokane County. There have been winters that bring snow all the way through May. There were at least two Easters where Easter egg hunts happened in the snow. This last winter has been very mild with only one week of extremely cold temperatures. The winter of 2023/24 looked more like something you would see on the West Coast in the Seattle area with plenty of rain. But the average Spokane winter brings snow around the beginning or middle of November and holds onto it until anywhere from March through the end of April. This is why some Spokane people may joke about what they call second winter. That time at the end of January and through February when all the stores come out with spring stuff but it is still 30° and snowy in Spokane.


Like many places, spring is a mixed bag of unpredictable things in Spokane. While there is some rain here there is not nearly as much as you might expect if you come from the coastal areas in the west. As mentioned about winter you can often expect to see some snow lingering or a freak last snowstorm falling in the early parts of spring. Generally, spring is pretty mild and pleasant with the possibility of experiencing traditional weather from nearly every season of the year within this one season.


Summer is full of sunshine in Spokane. The temperatures can get pretty high as you get further and further into the season. Sometimes the temperatures can increase pretty quickly and you can experience the upper 80s and mid 90s as early as mid-June. This is definitely the dryer sunnier side of Washington state. It is not uncommon to experience a day or two in the 100s as you get into the peak of summer. It is still a great time to enjoy the many amazing outdoor spaces in Spokane however. Don't let that stop you from going out and gleaning the copious amounts of natural vitamin D.


Fall is a great time in Spokane although it almost seems to disappear into the end of summer and the beginning of winter. There is a bit of rain to be had in the fall and it is welcome and needed by some but not the majority of those who grew up in the area. You'll find that people who live in Spokane are not used to rain the way that other areas of the state are. The leaves do turn red and orange as you would expect in the fall but the temperatures are a bit warmer through the beginning of October and they give way to increasingly cold temperatures as October rolls on. But sometimes winter can come in early and snowfall in October has happened.

Living in Spokane means you definitely get to experience all four seasons. Some may have a shorter typical span than other seasons but they are all there and it makes for a fun and exciting atmosphere through the year. Except for when winter can feel like it just rolls on. Those days are soon given to the glorious sunshiny days of late spring and summer.

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