Where to Shop for Natural Foods in Spokane

wher to shop for natural foods in spokaneIf you are considering a move or have recently moved to Spokane Washington you may be wondering where certain things are. One question many people who move to Spokane have is what the best grocery stores are and some new Spokane residents wonder, what stores have the best fresh and natural foods like produce and meat. We have compiled a list of the best spots to purchase fresh and natural foods in Spokane County. 


Huckleberry's Natural Market is perhaps the closest thing you will find to a Whole Foods-style grocery store. It is owned by a local grocery chain, Roseauer's. Some markets are only Huckleberry's and some Roseauers stores have a Huckleberry's section within them. It is a beloved local store to purchase natural goods. Huckleberry's features bulk foods, body care products, essential oils, vitamins, minerals, supplements, bakery. meats, cheeses, the 9th Street Bistro, healthy living specialists to assist shoppers, and more. 

Main Market Co-op

The Main Street Co-op opened in the middle of downtown Spokane in 2010. It is located at Main near 4th. The Co-op is member-based but still open to the general public. Members of the Co-op receive special discounts and workshops. Membership is optional and payment plans are available for membership fees. All of the food in the Co-op is locally sourced through farmers, ranchers, and fishermen. The Co-op's main focus is providing healthy natural food opportunities for all people of all financial backgrounds. 

In addition to groceries, the Main Street Co-op features a deli that offers freshly prepared foods including sandwiches, salads, baked goods, paninis, soups, and more. 

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's is not solely a natural market, but they do offer some healthier alternatives to everyday groceries and for this reason, has become popular around the country. That and they have some pretty tasty snack food offerings. There is a Trader Joe's located in Spokane's South Hill and one on N Division St. 

Green Bluff

Green Bluff is an area of north Spokane near the Mt. Spokane recreational area. This portion of north Spokane is full of local farms. In the summer it is a highly popular place to visit farm markets or pick your own produce like berries. In the fall it is the only place to pick your pumpkin straight from the farm. If you want a farm experience for fall pumpkin picking we advise you go early in the season and as early in the day as possible. It can become so crowded for pumpkin patches in the fall it can take several hours to park. 

Farmer's Markets

In the warmer months, there are several farmer's markets all across Spokane County that offer the freshest local groceries from farms all around Spokane County, the Nine Mile Falls area, Northern Idaho, and more. The largest farmer's markets include Emerson-Garfield, the Kendall Yards Night Market, Perry Street Market, Spokane Farmers Market, Wonder Saturday Market, Liberty Lake Farmers Market, and the Millwood Farmers Market. 


Pilgrim's Market is a little further out but still worth mentioning, especially if you live on the east end of Spokane County such as Liberty Lake and East Valley/Otis Orchards. Pilgrim's Natural Market is located in Couer d'Alene not far from the eastern portion of Spokane County. They have an extensive line of natural supplements, a hot bar, groceries, beer and wine, and more. 

There are several great options to purchase natural food products around Spokane. If you are moving to the area and are wondering if you will be able to continue shopping for more natural food options, know that there is a way to purchase unprocessed foods in several areas. 

For more information on moving to Spokane, including finding the perfect Spokane home, I am here to help. I live in Spokane with my family and love the area. I work with a team dedicated to making your Spokane relocation as seamless as possible. Contact me any time with any greater Spokane area real estate needs. 

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